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YMMV / Tobias and the Half-Pariah

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  • Moral Event Horizon: While he spends most of the story as a pretty deplorable engine, Montague crosses this when he kidnaps Henrietta and threatens to kill her, unless Toby surrenders himself to be harvested.
  • Narm: Due to the use of static images, some of the expressions look dramatically inappropriate.
    • The Climatic battle between the diesels and Steam engines is really hard to take seriously as well. Kamikaze Troublesome Trucks anyone? Not to mention said trucks are smiling as they ram onto the diesels despite the fact that they are also going to die as well doesn't help
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    • A lot of fans find Duck/Montague being the Big Bad pretty hilarious due to the bizarre choice of villain.
  • Tearjerker: Just about everything that happens to Gordon between causing Toby's accident and teaming up with Montague. First he's accused of attempted murder despite insistence that he didn't mean it and even attempting to apologize, secondly, The Fat Controller sends him to the Other Railway as punishment, then to add insult to injury, his driver and fireman abandon him instead of trying to console him.
  • The Woobie: Toby was regarded as an oddity and lost his old railway, only to seemingly get a new chance on Sodor. Then Montague is informed of his presence and sends diesels after him, making Toby's life pretty miserable. And then it turns out that Toby is a hybrid engine rebuilt with Montague's diesel engine, after suffering a nasty collision-which he sometimes suffers nightmares of. With everything that happens, Toby is a definite example.

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