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YMMV / To Welcome Oblivion

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  • Catharsis Factor:
    • Grallman punching Nyarly did result in the former's death, but seeing a Tragic Anti-Villain punching the Crawling Chaos in the face is a pretty satisfying moment, especially for all of the bullshit Nyarly has done. Besides, Grallman gets a Heroic Second Wind thanks to a pact with Cthulhu himself, so with their newfound powers, they show NO MERCY towards the sick twisted piece of shit who is responsible for the agonizing death of billions, including the death of Grallman's beloved little sister. The empowered Grallman pins down the Crawling Chaos as he screams in fear and mercy for the first and final time before the explosion from the destabilizing Gate vaporizes them to death.
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    • Kaya, a sweet-hearted and silly girl with a pretty sad backstory, manages to finish off Talbot with her power screams until the sicko's brain is turned into liquid. Considering what Talbot did to her, along with the countless murders he has committed, it's satisfying to see Kaya pulling off some Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Nyarlathotep is the ultimate architect of the plot's conflict and a wicked Outer God who delights in nothing more than madness and misery. As the herald of Azathoth, Nyarlathotep has plunged countless universes and trillions of lives into eternal agony within the grip of the Outer Planes, with entire planets and civilizations driven to destroy themselves under his influence. On Earth, Nyarlathotep arranges events like The Black Death and the rise of Adolf Hitler for his own amusement, and seamlessly arranges the events of the plot by setting up the rise of both Peter Grallman and Dr. Lilith Madison into their positions, the former by killing his young sister Marissa to drive Grallman to darkness. Arranging the opening of the Outer Gate while disguised as Madison's assistant Noah T. Trepaly, Nyarlathotep eventually betrays both Grallman and Madison, torturing the former into his possessed slave and unleashing the populace of the Outer Planes onto Rielington. Finally cutting loose in the climax, Nyarlathotep slaughters thousands of people in the most creatively depraved ways he can think of—such as tricking an cafeteria's worth of children into cannibalize themselves and forcing hundreds of the Old Brotherhood's members to become either breeding fodder or food for the eldritch monsters he summons—and attempts to plunge the entire universe into the Outer Planes, and finally gloats to Grallman as one last spiteful move that he'll resurrect Marissa and torture and rape her for centuries in Grallman's form to hurt the both of them. With a mile-long sadistic streak underscored by a psychopathic sense of humor, Nyarlathotep commits every atrocity he does purely to satisfy his sense of amusement, intent on one day betraying even the Outer Gods to torment the rest of the multiverse himself.
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    • Dr. Lilith Madison is a callous sociopath of a scientist with an utter disdain for any life other than her own. Obsessed with finding out the secret to life at any cost, Madison turns to murder in some desperate attempt to stimulate herself—the deliberate suffocation of an infant she is trusted to take care of just one example—before eventually finding out the existence of a Deep One's carcass in the Antarctic. Killing her own research team to use the carcass for her own ends, Madison allies with the Old Brotherhood and its leader Grallman to kidnap hundreds of innocents and forcibly implant them with organs from the Deep One to spread Eldritch Energy across the world, more often than not resulting in the painful deaths of those forced to bear the transplants. Causing a series of bombings that lead to over 250 deaths to cover the actions of the psychopathic Rhett Talbot, Madison eventually unleashes Talbot onto Rielington to slaughter and rape as he will to take care of the Seratin sisters and their ally Robin Lockwood. Ultimately, Madison betrays Grallman and tries to open a gate to the Outer Planes in her attempt to find the secret to existence, fully willing to let the denizens of the Outer Planes pour out on Earth and ravage humanity in the process.
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    • The aforementioned Rhett Talbot is a sadistic supervillain and the Arch-Enemy for Elara and Kaya Seratin. As a teenager, Talbot raped and molested several children while posing as a babysitter. After he was taken by the Old Brotherhood and experimented on, he used his newfound powers to murder his parents, and later conducted a series of massacres—one of which took place at a playground Kaya was playing at, where he cut off her arms and attempted to rape her—all for his own enjoyment. Several years later, Talbot goes after the Seratins again, where he murders several civilians and police officers in and around a restaurant. Talbot also participates in raping and killing members of the Brotherhood alongside the eldritch monsters in the breeding chamber, and when he's confronted by the Seratins again, he tries to kill them both. Even after Sera tells Talbot that Madison and Nyarlathotep are going to destroy the whole universe, Talbot coldly tells her that he doesn't care, moments before he tries to rape her.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Rhett Talbot is this on legs. Out of all the major antagonists, Grallman is sympathetic, Madison is largely a pawn in a greater scheme, and Nyarlathotep is hilariously hammy, Talbot is simply a psychopathic, horrific butcher with not an iota likable, redeeming, or humorous about him. Every time he's onscreen, someone's either being butchered or raped by him in the most horrific ways he can fathom, with likely his worst scene being the massacre of the playground which reeks of Adult Fear.
    The game lasted three minutes. Three minutes for the man's coat to make funny shapes. Three minutes for the kids to gather around in awe. Three minutes for the man to suddenly grab them all, his coat seeming to act like a spider's legs. Three minutes for the blood to dry on the wood chips on the ground.

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