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YMMV / To Be Fat Like Me

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  • Anvilicious: Varying degrees. Each of the characters has a different view of the issue, and Alyson learns some lessons about herself. "You're not all of a sudden going to become a different race or orientation or whatever you're prejudiced against, but anyone can get fat." "You know, being nice to the occasional fatty doesn't actually make you a better person."
  • Dawson Casting : Kaley Cuoco was 22, playing a 17 year old.
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  • Hollywood Pudgy: Both Ramona and "Fat Alyson" are inversions of the trope, as they appear significantly overweight. Alyson's brother and post-weight loss mother are clearer examples.
  • Moment of Awesome: When Alyson and Ramona are turned away in the store, Alyson tells her off righteously. Also a Shout-Out to Pretty Woman.
    • When George tells off the bullies who are making fun of Alyson and Ramona.
    "Which cushion are you pushing?"
    "Here's a better question: which chromosome are you missing?"
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Various characters have different views on the issue of obesity, and Alyson learns some valuable lessons.
    "How am I supposed to believe that I'm worth something, when I'm told fifteen different times a day that I'm not?"


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