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YMMV / Tintin: The Black Island

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  • Complete Monster: Dr. J. W. Müller is a doctor posing as a respected man to hide his counterfeiting operation. In "The Black Island", when Müller catches Tintin inside his house, he captures him and plans to send him to an asylum to drive him insane. Tintin escapes and gets into a fight with Müller; during the fight the house is set on fire, so Müller traps Tintin inside the house to let him slowly burn to death, even purposefully sabotaging the operation of the firefighters to make sure this happens. In "Land of Black Gold", Müller has been sabotaging oil pipelines to create tension between the Middle East and the rest of the world to start a war to profit from. Müller also has been playing both Bab El Ehr and the Emir of Khemed against each other to start a Civil War and further increase tension. After Tintin shows up, Müller thinks his plans might be in jeopardy and kidnaps Abdullah and frames Bab El Ehr to expel the Arabex oil company out of Khemed.
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  • Padding: Two pages are spent watching a group of firefighters trying to find the keys to their fire station, chasing a bird who steals it, discovering that it's actually the wrong key and finally getting it from one of their wives. Some found this annoying, while some saw this as an appropriate Shout-Out to English farce theater — or just a nice bit of comedy.