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YMMV / Time Will Tell

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Time Will Tell

  • Canon Defilement: The PPC mission praised Time Will Tell for respecting canon, but also reported, "Offenses Against Canon: Bringing 21st century knowledge to Middle-Earth. Showing an inexplicable knowledge of the Westron language."
    • This offense being amended by the fact that the language discrepancy is addressed in the "Council of Elrond" chapters: Gandalf performed a spell on Jo when he heard her mutter in English. Jorryn now speaks Westron, but may have completely forgotten English.
  • Escapist Character: Jorryn. She has short height, but is otherwise a generic girl who has brown hair, likes books, and comes from the USA. Readers may believe that Jorryn is someone like themselves. Jorryn has no special skills. She is strange to Middle-earth but ordinary to the readers.