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YMMV / Time Lords and Terror

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  • Complete Monster: The S'Müz is a being from outside time and space composed of psychokinetic energy, which it refers to as the Light. The S'Müz, feeling all living beings with PKE are thieves and unworthy of simply existing, has destroyed whole universes out of spite, but its inability to comprehend time and space hinders it significantly. Discovering the war between the Hervokens and the Carrionites, it manipulated the Hervokens into creating a ritual which would allow it to manifest and drain all life from existence. After the Hervokens stopped work upon discovering its true intentions, a trio of Carrionites took the ritual and escaped to Equestria, Matron Hydia believing she could control it. Upon being summoned the S'Müz proceeded to tear apart and absorb Hydia's soul before absorbing the Doctor's life force. Having been insulted by the Doctor beforehand, it intended to allow his conscious to watch as it drained all of Equestria's life force. A greedy, arrogant and malicious creature hating time and space for petty reasons, the S'Müz was such a threat to all existence that a Hervoken commander considered sacrificing both its race and the Carrionites an acceptable lose to stop it.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Smooze, returns for season 5. It's actually fairly innocent there.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Everything about The S'Müz, it reaches almost Giygas levels of malevolence and the way it kills is graphic. Just try to get through the last 10 pages of chapter 4 without flinching, poor, poor Draggle.

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