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  • Awesome Music: Has its own page!
  • Dork Age: Kiramekiman isn't particularly well-liked or remembered by longtime fans.
  • Ear Worm: A lot of the songs count as this. Be prepared to get them all stuck in your head.
  • Evil Is Sexy: All the female leaders of Terrible Trio.
  • Face of the Band: Yatterman serves as the Face of Time Bokan, with a lot of supplementary materials relating to it in some way. Note how on Time Bokan's page image they make up the biggest part while the franchise namer is in the top right corner.
    • Yatterman's Doronbo Gang may even surpass the titular Yattermen in this regard; in fact, the 40th anniversary anime for the franchise is not only about Yatterman, but has the descendants of the Doronbo as its main focus!
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  • Sequel Displacement: Yatterman, Yatterman, Yatterman. Absolutely counts, since the series not only has two movies to its name, but a sequel series, two video games, and even a cameo in a highly anticipated fighting game with ALL main characters appearing as fighters. This is compared to the rest of the various series, which merely get cameos or small parts at best.
  • Woolseyism: The Italian dubs of the series were done by different studios, but the best job is probably the one done by the studio who adapted Yatterman and Yattodetaman. Jokes are adapted in an almost perfect way (The "almost" is because you can't really translate Japanese puns in Italian, so you often see characters overreacting to nonsequiturs), Japanese references are often replaced with Italian ones (one of the main examples: the reporter that appears during the mecha fights in Yattodetaman, originally a caricature of the show's producer, is renamed Nando Martellotti, turning him into a parody of an Italian sports reporter from the 70's named Nando Martellini), and the spirit of the series is kept perfectly (albeit it sometimes fails, like in the scenes where the bad guys answer to fan mail: They change the names of the fans with Italian ones, same for the cities the mail was sent from, but then they also show the photo of whoever sent the letter and it's clearly a Japanese person)
    • When the Royal Revival OAV were released and the Italian dub randomly kept in Japanese the names of some characters from Yattodetaman (including calling the Humongous Mecha "Grand Deity" rather than "Kingstar" and translating literally its summoning chant rather than use the one from the show's dub), the founder of the Italian Time Bokan Fan Club (who personally likes Yattodetaman more than the other series) felt insulted and in his book about the franchise the paragraph about the OAV ends with a rant on how the Italian dub is a shameful disgrace because of that. After this little accident, he actually contributed to some later releases: When Kiramekiman was released he was going to be the main script adapter for the Italian dub, but after an issue between the Italian and Japanese productions halted the show's production the dub was never done (the aforemented book still mentions how the main characters would have been called in the Italian dub). Later he not only managed with web petitions to release both the Yatterman live action movie and 2008 remake, but he also contributed to the former's dub and, while the latter is getting a sub-only release at the moment, he managed to release it in two variations: Faithful Version (Subs are regular translations of the original dialogue) and Vintage Version (Subs are done in a way that sounds more like the old dubs of Yatterman and Yattodetaman, getting more freedom on some adaptation choices and sneaking here and there some references to the other Time Bokan series).


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