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YMMV / Tik-Tok of Oz

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  • Les Yay: Ozma seems to get a small streak of jealousy when Dorothy gets excited about Betsy coming to Oz, leading to this exchange:
    "Well," said Dorothy, "as far as Betsy and Hank are concerned, I'd like to have them here in Oz. It would be such fun to have a girl playmate of my own age, you see. And Hank is such a dear little mule!"
    Ozma laughed at the wistful expression in the girl's eyes, and then she drew Dorothy to her and kissed her. "Am I not your friend and playmate?" she asked.
    Dorothy flushed.
    "You know how dearly I love you, Ozma!" she cried. "But you're so busy ruling all this Land of Oz that we can't always be together."

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