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YMMV / Tigers Are Not Afraid

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  • Catharsis Factor: Esparza/El Chino is such a repulsive piece of shit(see below) that you'll wish his gory, painful death wasn't offscreen.
  • Complete Monster: Servando Esparza is a young politician who is in truth the gang boss El Chino. Ruling his town with an iron fist, El Chino regularly murders innocents while having others trafficked by his group the Huascas. After murdering a woman on video, El Chino tracks down the gang member who shot it and kills him, trying to hunt down the young heroine Estrella and her young orphan allies, some of whom have had their families murdered by him. Upon finding them, El Chino murders his own men to keep the secret and tries to kill the children as well, shooting one through the face to get to Estrella. A completely human mobster with no regard for human life, El Chino is more terrifying than even the ghosts of his victims whose corpses literally fill entire rooms.

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