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YMMV / Tif et Tondu

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  • Evil Is Cool: Monsieur Choc, the villain, is by far the most popular character in the series and the recent re-releases focus on him and feature him prominently on the cover.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Monsieur Choc, totally.
  • My Real Daddy: Although the series was created by someone else, everything before Will started drawing the characters is pretty much disowned... and everything after he left the series as well. Publisher Dupuis even only starts the series once Rosy joined Will to create Choc.
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  • Seasonal Rot: After Will left the series due to his advanced age (he'd worked over 40 years on it), his successors were unable to continue the success. The drawing became bland and the stories interchargable with any other crime series. After reader left disappointed, the series finally got cancelled.

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