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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Marco: Was Marco's heel face turn in episode 4 a result of him feeling entitled and power hungry to pass the test? Or was he still under the influence of drugs from the test in the previous episode?
    • Michele: Does Michele really have feelings for Fernando? Or is she just using him? Or both?
    • Rafael: A Well-Intentioned Extremist who would cheat, lie to do what's right for the Cause, Or a Manipulative Bastard that is using everyone to justify his own cause?
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Fernando: A smart, funny, kind team player that cares for Michele? Or a whiny, stupid self pitying very naiive person who is being easily manipulated by Michele?
    • Joana: A badass action girl who wants to pass the Process to live a better a life? Or a Manipulative Bitch who is just trying to pass the Process to escape her Murderous past?
  • Growing the Beard: Several fans considered that the show improved greatly on the 2nd season, mostly because it had more time to dedicated itself to world building and character development, instead of focusing on The Process like the 1st season.
  • The Un-Twist: André is accused of murder, but Michele is convinced he's incapable of something like that. He never confessed nor denied to have done it and has been confined to the RTC, with his memories of the incidente wiped out. It turns out he did commit the murder to keep the secret of the Founding Trio hidden, and Marcela wiped his memory as an extra precaution.


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