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YMMV / Threads of Fate

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  • Accidental Innuendo: Two characters are named Trap Master and Doll Master. "Trap" and "Doll" are both slang for MTF transexuals.
  • Awesome Music: Start with the title theme and work your way through there; of note are Passing Through the Forest and A chance meeting.
  • Cult Classic: While Threads of Fate is a rather obscure Squaresoft game, it was popular enough to receive a digital release on PSN.
  • Fridge Logic: Rue's axe is consistently referred to as a 'sword'.
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  • Magnificent Bastard: Ruecian, aka the Doll Master, from the Rue scenario, is a doll created by Valen who achieved duty to resurrect him with cunning and charisma. Acting as Maya's adviser, Doll Master set her up to overthrow her whenever he wants, secretly adding his followers among her forces. Learning of another doll, Rue awakened, he tried to get him to join him but after failing and taking an innocent life by accident, Doll Master learns from his error and decides to use more subtle tactics to prevent it from repeating. Learning of the existence of Prima Doll who could resurrect Valen, Doll Master manipulates him, Rue, and Maya to complete the ritual while trying coerce Rue to join him as brothers. With mere moments before Valen's resurrection, Doll Master once more tried to get Rue to join, expressing his wish for them to be siblings. Even after losing to him, Doll Master remains respectful of Rue, deciding to give his life to him, sacrificing himself to save him from his own master as a final act of his own free will.
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  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Anything involving Fancy Mel. It's purely aesthetic, however, as she turns out to be wise and powerful.
  • That One Attack: Belle's protective ring of spheres. She calls them up constantly, there are no indicators for when she's going to call them, and going melee is the only way to recharge your MP, so you WILL spend a large portion of the fight watching Mint get knocked down over and over until Belle moves away or dispels the orbs.
  • That One Level: Fancy Mel's Atelier. Forced to "kill time" by playing minigames with fairies, you'll be forced into some Platform Hell segments in a game where platforming is not it's strong suit. Once you manage this, you'll have to face Duke in a star costume who is surprisingly tough for this point in the game. To make matters worse once you reach the minigame hub area you can't leave and there's a save point: save, and you're stuck here until you manage to beat it with no opportunity to rest at the inn or level grind.


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