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YMMV / This Is Not A Werewolf Story

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: When Vincent helps Tuffman steal Raul's clothes, trapping him in wolf form, is he in full control of himself or is he subject to Tuffman's hypnotic naming power? (For that matter, does that power work on normal people or just shapeshifters?) To the extent that it was willing, how much of it was petty vengeance compared to legitimate fear about Raul being dangerous? When exactly did he begin to regret what he'd done, and what did he do to make Mary Anne dislike him?
    • Tuffman invites plenty, especially since The Reveal of his backstory throws a lot of his earlier claims into question. He's supposedly Raul's great-uncle, but the fact that he was born in the 1700s seemingly invalidates that. He does have some connection to his mother, though, and claims to have cared for her like a little sister in the past; is that true, or just a lie to manipulate Raul?
      • Adding fuel to the fire is an early-chapter plot point: Tuffman has a deep scar on his torso, which he states was caused by someone he taught to "release the predator inside herself". This is about the same time the White Wolf receives her first wound from the cougar. Given later plot developments, it's possible that he actually taught Raul's mom to shapeshift, and would thus be the most likely culprit for stealing her clothes and leaving her trapped as a wolf .

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