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YMMV / This Heat Album

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  • Awesome Music: It's definitely not for everyone, but if you like dark, experimental music it's a very rewarding listen. Highlights include "Horizontal Hold", "24 Track Loop", "Music Like Escaping Gas", and "The Fall of Saigon".
  • Nightmare Fuel: It's an oppressively dark, joyless listen. There's hardly a song on here that doesn't qualify in one way or another.
    • "Not Waving" is a deeply creepy and sad song about a man drowning himself in the ocean because he can't cope with modern life. Between the Drone of Dread instrumental and despairing vocals, it sounds like a ghost eternally reliving its last moments.
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    • "Diet of Worms" is just wailing, atonal noise that borders on Sensory Abuse. Even if you're a hardened listener of dark ambient music it could set you on edge.
    • The triple whammy of "Rainforest", "The Fall of Saigon", and "Testcard (Yellow)" that closes out the album absolutely manages to top everything that came before it. "Rainforest" is a straight up noise track that blows in out of nowhere and jump scares the listener with a barrage of screeching feedback and crashing percussion, which slowly fades into the ominous, marching beat of "The Fall of Saigon", itself sounding like nothing less than the end of civilization with its pounding, wardrum-esque percussion and chanted vocals. It ends with a guitar solo that sounds like the song is literally rotting apart, before fading out into "Testcard (Yellow)".

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