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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Chapter 113 has the characters drawn as animals for no reason other than Rule of Cute and Rule of Funny. There does seem to be some symbolic reasoning behind it based on the animals chosen (Xuezhang, for example, is a bear.) but it comes completely out of left field. The only reason readers would have to believe this is the same comic they were reading a minute or two ago is the location they're speaking in and how the conversation is going.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Qi Fang for being a good friend, wingman, and not being an antagonist and love interest for Sun Jing despite being a prominent character, a rare feat for male characters in Yuri Genre. Being handsome and a hilarious Butt-Monkey also endears him to the female audience.
    • Tattletale, The Comically Serious nerd and one of the funniest characters.
    • Xuezhang, the bara upperclassman with the Face of a Thug, for his Straight Gay looks and having a nice subplot as well being a stoic Nice Guy. A lot of fans hope he gets his feelings returned eventually.
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • With 19 Days. Tan Jiu and Old Xian are friends who work at the same company. Their manhua are being translated by the same group and the two have had a series of unofficial crossovers.
    • Fans of Their Story also tend to enjoy other non-Japanese Yuri works from Asia such as Lily Love, Fluttering Feelings, and What Does The Fox Say.
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  • Moe: Sun Jing and Qiu Tong, especially when they are together.
  • The Woobie:
    • Qiu Tong has trouble making friends due to her shy personality and is very lonely at home. She has for a long time regretted not treasuring her time with her father when he was still married to her mother.
    • Mo Xiao Nan doesn't have it easy, either. She's a lesbian that suffers from social anxiety and has a hard time speaking her mind, and she suffered a really bad day after working up the courage to speak up for a girl getting bullied only for the girl to bail and leave Mo Xiao Nan at the bullies' mercy, before getting caught in rain and bashing her knee while trying to bring her bike home. Given what she says about the experience, the implications are that this isn't the first time she's suffered terrible days like this one, and a lot of her language and the artwork used for the scene suggest dark undertones. The one ray of light she got out of this terrible day, meeting and falling in love with Sun Jing, turns out to make things worse when, after months of clamming up and building up the courage to confront Sun Jing and announce her feelings...Sun Jing does not reciprocate, causing another downward spiral for Mo Xiao Nan.

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