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YMMV / Theatre of Magic

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  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: The Skill Shots are typically a point value, advancing the clock, and starting the next illusion. Because of how hard Wizard Mode can be, what with having to perform all eight illusions to work towards it, expect a lot of players to go straight for "Start Illusion."
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • The right ramp; if you get a ball up the ramp but not quite over it, it will fall down the right exit of the center loop in such a way that it is near-guaranteed to drain if you don't nudge.
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    • The Magic Trunk, if it's not rotated to accept a ball into it or onto the multiball-triggering target. You have to shoot at the side of the trunk to start Illusions (mind you, there are eight of them that you need to start to get the Wizard Mode, and the only other method for starting them is a successful Skill Shot) and to score on Trunk Escape, and it's easy enough for the ball to rebound off of it into the drain.
  • Funny Moments: Shooting the ball into the center loop when ball lock isn't lit but failing to get it all the way through will send it into the ball lock hole behind the trunk, which triggers a Secret Ball Lock and a cutscene of a magician tumbling down some stairs.
    Announcer: OH NOOOOO! Ow, oof, oof, ow!
  • That One Achievement: Getting to the Grand Finale is often a hair-tearing exercise due to the difficulty of performing all eight Illusions.

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