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YMMV / The Wing or the Thigh

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  • Harsher in Hindsight: When Charles has lost his sense of taste and tries to leave his son's circus where he is hidden, Gérard berates him for endangering his health. Charles comment on being "unable to get angry" is even more sad when you realize The Wing or the Thigh is a movie happening right after De Funès had a heart attack and everybody though his career was done...
  • Moment of Awesome: When Charles Duchemin has lost his sense of taste, he sends his son Gérard to take his place to a TV show where he must prove the French Cuisine worth. When Gérard struggles to find a wine's name, Charles steps in and through his own experience and eyesight manages to succeed. Even better, as an added bonus, the various methods Charles uses are mostly legit: the color determines the age as well its transparency (presence of deposits), the limpidity (transmitted light) allows to see if the wine is filtered or not and a sharp eye can deduce the wine's origin from its intensity.


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