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YMMV / The Wild Wild West S 1 E 24 The Night Of The Druids Blood

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  • Complete Monster: Doctor Tristam and his associate Astarte are a pair of ruthless wolves in sheep's clothing. With the help of the Great Asmodeus, they are responsible for the suspicious deaths of several of the nation's greatest scientists and scholars. Astarte seduces the men, until they were wrapped around their finger, enjoying using and killing them, while Tristam is the hidden mastermind. Together they cause Jim's former teacher and friend, Professor Robey, to burn to death right before Jim's very eyes. Astarte also seduces and marries political genius Senator Waterford to exploit his connections. When it becomes apparent that Jim won't stop his investigations, they organize an elaborate con to make it appear Jim has gone mad. Originally suspecting that the scientist's deaths were being faked and they were being held prisoner, Jim and Artie stumble upon the true horror of Tristam's plans. Doctor Tristam has discovered a way to keep the brain alive without a body, leaving them able to see, think and hear, but not move; all constantly conscious with no end in sight. Linking all nine of his victims through a giant web, he has granted himself the combined intelligence of the nation's greatest minds at his fingertips. If any prove unwilling to answer his demands, he simply electrocutes them until they comply.They also try to burn Senator Waterford alive, not to add him to the web but simply because Astarte has grown bored with him. Following Jim foiling the plan, Astarte's last act is to try and trick the senator into killing Jim.

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