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YMMV / The Wedding Planner

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  • Designated Villain: Fran. She is seen as being "in the way" of Mary and Steve's love in spite of the fact that she's his fiancee (even though they're not compatible and end up—amicably—splitting up at the ceremony) and is otherwise a pretty nice person.
  • Narm: Jennifer Lopez's hit, "Love Don't Cost a Thing", being played over the closing credits. As catchy as it is, it's still somewhat unfitting for the tone of the film.
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  • Retroactive Recognition: Justin Chambers and Judy Greer as Mary's childhood "love interest" and her coworker, respectively.
  • Values Resonance: When Steve and Massimo hop on the moped with the "Just Married" sign on the back to look for Mary, the crowd of marathon runners and other citizens all happily greet them and wave at them in support. Even though they are in San Francisco and it was a case of Not What It Looks Like, it's still nice to see this attitude back in 2001, especially given how much more widely accepted gay marriage is in the world these days.

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