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  • Complete Monster: Andrew Colby embezzled a million dollars from his company. Tricking an associate into taking the rap, Colby left the guy imprisoned for five years while he built a business empire off the dough. When his associate got out, Colby decided to weasel his way out of their deal by arranging things so his bodyguard, Bob Regan, would kill the man in apparent defense of his boss. As Regan investigates, it's learned that Colby killed the engraver he had counterfeit the stolen money at the time of his original scheme. Deciding Regan has come too close to exposing his crimes, Colby kills his henchman and has Regan and his Love Interest framed for the murder. When deceived into thinking his henchman is still alive, Colby tries to strangle him before being caught by the police.

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