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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: It's very easy to read her early stories and interactions with future husband Hank Pym as being that of a manipulative, exploitative bitch who ruined her partners confidence by leading him on then switching her affections to another team mate, taking advantage of a recently widowed man by playing up her resemblance to his deceased wife, and making light of his insecurities.
  • Angst? What Angst?:
    • In issue #1 of Unstoppable Wasp, Nadia seems pretty happy while discussing the fact her mother died days after her birth, her treatment in the Red Room's Science Class and the fact that, after escaping to find her father, she learned that Hank Pym has apparently died. When the immigration officer she's talking to comments on how happy Nadia seems despite this she explains that if she spent her life being bitter then it would be like she never escaped.
    • After Janet returns from being trapped in the Microverse, she spends very little time angsting over the time she lost or the traumatic experiences she had while there. Later, after Axis is resolved, Janet (or more likely, the writers) pretty much forgot that she was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and had lost their daughter thanks to time-travel messes, and when she pops back up, she's pretty over it. Averted at least in that around this time, Rage of Ultron and Hank Pym's death/merge with Ultron happened, and so Janet instead got to angst about not being able to save him.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Some fans (and writers) really love Jan; others, not so much. This is especially thanks to her time as the team leader which established her ability to be mature and serious yet still kind and bubbly (thus, earning her a lot of love), but is pretty much ignored thanks to many recent writers choosing to instead characterise her solely as a ditzy fashion queen. Even her Earth's Mightiest Heroes version got this: some viewers felt that her enthusiasm and determination made her the best character on the team, while others felt that her power level was too low to justify a spot on the team.
    • Hope Van Dyne, Janet's daughter in the MC2 line and the MCU, who is set to become the MCU's Wasp rather than her mother, has been a massively divisive character. In the film she's either an entertaining and strong female character or a weak and poorly written token love interest. when she actually becomes the Wasp, though, she seems to be Rescued from the Scrappy Heap due to having more opportunity to have fun with her role and better handled romantic chemistry with Scott Lang.
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    • Nadia Pym, the New Wasp in the comics, seems to get one of three reactions. Either, you're a fan of Janet and you hate Nadia for stealing Janet's focus and getting the push Janet hasn't gotten, or you're a fan of Janet who loves Nadia for being adorable and endearing, and despite being the one focused on, gives Janet new ground to explore by being Nadia's mentor and surrogate mother. Thirdly, you don't like/ the Wasp regardless of which one and want Marvel to give that focus to another character, instead.
  • Cant Un Hear It: Just like with Henry Pym (A.K.A Ant-Man), Wasp's fan favorite portrayal in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! was also very popular to her comic book fans (mainly for Jan being portrayed as a Moe and a Badass Adorable as well as undergoing Adaptational Badass). As a result, Fans tend to hear the voice of Colleen O' Shaughnessy as the Wasp whenever they are reading her lines from just about anywhere.
  • Dork Age: Janet's mutated form during the 1990s is considered one of the most obvious examples of the insipid writing on the Avengers from that decade.
  • Never Live It Down: The infamous slap didn't do Jan or Hank any favors in the long run. Or if it did, a number of writers conveniently forgot or ignored it.
    • According to Jim Shooter, writing 30 years later on his Blog, Hank was never supposed to deliberately slap Jan but that he was supposed to hit her accidentally by throwing his hands up in frustration without even realizing he'd hit her, but the artist refused to follow the instructions in Jim Shooter's script and drew it to look like Hank deliberately hit Jan in a moment of anger believing it would be a powerful image, and by the time Shooter knew he'd been disobeyed it was too late. Fans who read the issue in question point out, the aftermath of the scene, with Yellowjacket forcing Janet to follow on his scheme, and her having to hide her bruises behind glasses the next day at Avengers, unquestionably paints the scene in the way it was commonly understand as did the story that followed.
  • The Woobie: Janet has the usual Death by Origin Story parents (her father's death directly motivating her into superheroics), but she also spent much of her early career being severely outmatched by most serious threats and stuck in a complicated, mutually-destructive relationship with Hank Pym that caused them both misery. Despite her bubbly exterior, she's often plagued by being reminded of her 'weak' powers and failings, and is often shown having had a deep amount of self-loathing and blamed herself for what happened with Hank. However, she easily crosses into Iron Woobie territory, as despite this, she's not the kind of character to wear her angst on her sleeve and maintains a highly upbeat exterior.
    • Nadia Pym seems to follow Janet in the Iron Woobie standard, being an almost Perpetual Smiler despite her mother dying days after her birth, being subjected to the Red Room, then escaping after discovering how to use her father's technology only to find out he had also died.


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