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YMMV tab for Season Three: A New Frontier. Beware of unmarked spoilers.

  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Even people who have hated Gabe through the entirety of A New Frontier agree that his potential death in Episode 5 is utterly soul-crushing.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Potentially Joan. One of the ultimatum choices in Episode 4 allows you to effortlessly put a bullet into her eye.
  • Anti-Shipping Goggles: Numerous fans have grown to despise the Ship Tease between Clementine and Gabe. Mostly because Gabe is considered The Scrappy for numerous reasons that don't bring him even close to Clem's popularity. It didn't help when one possible ending for season 3 have Clementine kiss Gabe before he dies which had most players grossed out.
    • And to top this off the next season has Louis and Violet, who are more likable and better developed characters that show better chemistry with Clem.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • The fate of Conrad has been this for some people. A lot of people have complained about the lack of impact your choices ultimately have on the outcome of a game, and characters you can save will die one or two episode later anyway. However, ever since episode 2, Conrad can potentially die depending on the choices made, so players have stated they feel that the choices that keep him alive really do have an impact.
    • After the backlash that resulted from Kenny and Jane's brief and unceremonious death scenes back in Episode 1 Telltale added additional flashbacks in Episode 4 with the characters in question that give them some extra moments with Clementine as well as a little more character development.
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    • Regardless of how many players feel about Season Three, a lot of players do appreciate that the season did not end on such a dour, depressing note, especially compared to Season 2. Players also do love that Conrad is capable of surviving all the way up to the end, and that Clementine developed into a more optimistic person.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Javi. Some players find him likeable and refreshing, while others find him boring and feel that he shouldn't have replaced Clementine as the main protagonist.
    • David. Some feel that he's more fleshed out than the rest of the cast and like him for his Pet the Dog moments, three-dimensional personality and his (determinant) bond with Javi. Others dislike him for his Jerkass tendencies, temper outburst and the judgemental way he treats his brother. Later episodes caused him to lose a good majority of his fans.
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  • Cliché Storm: Easily one of the biggest criticisms of season 3 is that uses every zombie survival story trope imaginable, even using similar storylines that were in the comics and tv show.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Joan is one of the leaders of the New Frontier, and despite her claims to be looking out for the city of Richmond, is just a sociopathic tyrant ordering raids on other settlements without the other leaders' knowledge. She would destroy these settlements by setting walkers on them and steal supplies that the New Frontier doesn't actually need; Prescott is one such example. Joan will have Javi and David arrested when they try to expose her raids, and if their only witness is killed, Joan will accuse David of said raids. When Joan prepares to publicly execute David and Javi confronts her, she captures Javi's friends Tripp and Ava hostage and forces him to choose who to spare, spitefully killing whomever Javi tries to save. When called out for her brutality, Joan declares she can do anything she wants, and only entertains the idea of exiling Javi and his group because of massive herds of walkers outside the city walls.
    • Badger is a barbaric sadist gleefully raiding settlements for Joan, while hoarding the stolen supplies from the New Frontier. Encountering the Garcia family, Badger shoots at them, personally killing Javi's niece, Mariana, and demands the community Prescott hand over Javi by taking one of their women and cutting off her fingers one-by-one before killing her, regardless if Javi surrenders himself or not. Badger would then attempt to kill Javi despite his allies' protests and would drive a truck filled with walkers into Prescott, killing almost everyone there. Attempting to kill Javi and his group once more, Badger says he wished he knew Javi was David's brother so he could kill him in a more gruesome manner and shows no remorse for killing David's daughter, who Badger calls "a little bitch".
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • In Season 3 Gabe tries to teach and play Euchre with Clementine. Not only are there twos in his deck which must be removed no matter what type of the game you use, but you also have to have four people to play the game.
    • A flashback shows Clementine injects a feverish A.J. with a dose of the antibiotic vancomycin, but while the drug is extremely powerful, it's also possibly harmful, and is not advised for use in any common illness like A.J. might have (such as whooping cough or pneumonia). It does end up working though, so yay?
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: A common critisism towards Clementine's arc, as all the efforts she went through in the previous seasons have become meaningless since whoever you were stuck with at the end of season 2 ends up getting killed in a rushed and pointless manner.
  • Eight Deadly Words: While previous seasons have gotten this criticism, Season 3 is often considered the worst offender. A good majority of the cast can come off as irrational jerkasses who never treat you kindly no matter how nice you are to them, and the family you're meant to care about rarely if ever show any meaningful kindness or decency towards Javi, which can make it nearly impossible to really form any type of attachment to them, much less sentimental.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: This happens with some fans preferring the pairing Javier/Jesus over Javier/Kate. This is due to the fact that players have an option of flirting with Jesus, the confirmation of Javier being bisexual, and because of how poorly received his relationship is with Kate.
  • Good Bad Bugs: In the final episode of The New Frontier, depending on your choices, Tripp will appear in the background for one scene right after the death of Ava. You know, despite the fact that he is supposed to be dead. This scene caused a lot of jokes and giggle-fits to be had in the wake of this.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Jeff Schine, Javi's VA, will later voice another Hispanic protagonist in the third installment to a franchise well-known for its take on the zombie-genre.
  • Ho Yay: In the finale, Javier and Jesus can have a Ship Tease moment. However Javier treats it is up to the player's response.
  • Idiot Plot: One of the biggest criticisms of The New Frontier is that everyone ignores the most sensible things in favor of the things that would cause the most drama.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: Just like Michonne, A New Frontier caught this problem too, as many players complain how the story is sped through so fast that there isn't any time to get attached to the characters.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Hoo boy, David.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Players are less intrigued with the Garcia family and more interested in continuing Clementine's story.
  • Memetic Loser: Conrad can be like this due to the fact he can die in any episodes for the season. Unlike Ben though, Conrad can actually last the whole season without getting killed.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Badger crosses this when he shoots Mariana in the head, killing her, and even going as far to say that he enjoyed it.
    • The New Frontier as a whole crosses this when they attack the town of Prescott and kill most of its inhabitants in a violent way (which is putting it lightly). Later on, it is revealed that the New Frontier wasn't completely responsible for the attacks, being only a small group led by Max and ultimately commanded by Joan.
    • The scavengers during the flashback can also cross this line earlier if Clementine and A.J ended up in Wellington, where they end up killing Edith and everyone else in a similar matter.
    • Joan crosses it at the climax of Episode 4 when she forces Javi to choose to spare either Ava or Tripp.... and then proceeds to shoot whoever Javi had chosen.
    • Some consider David having crossed this in Episode 5 when he finds out about Kate's feelings for his little brother over him, attacks Javier with a wrench even if the player as Javier do not return Kate's feelings while also not scolding Kate for showing feelings to Javi despite being his wife, and even hits Gabe (albeit unintentionally) when his own son tries to stop him from fighting his uncle. It gets worse if the player chooses to fight him off instead of trying to calm him down, as failing the QTE afterwards results in David essentially murdering his own brother.
  • Narm:
    • A lot of people agreed that season 3's flashbacks showing how either Jane or Kenny died were just insulting and hard to take seriously, the worst offender being Kenny whom, after having been a central character and survived for two seasons, is suddenly killed off unceremoniously as he falls out of a car that Clementine crashes and stays behind to be eaten while she escapes. Even people who didn't like Kenny found it a poorly executed death, and many saw it as proof that the writers merely killed him (or Jane) off so that Clementine's story would be the same in season 3 regardless of the ending you chose for season 2, which felt really unfair to the characters.
    • The "Tell him off" option in episode 2 of season 3 has gotten this reaction, the main reason being that instead of Javier actually telling off David, Javier tells him that Kate wants to leave him, which caused many to cite it as one of the most infamously misleading choices next to "Glass him".
    • In season 3 episode 4, there's a part where Javier and Gabriel can be spotted by a bearded guy in a baseball cap who doesn't say anything, but completely nonchalantly shoots them down with a tiny smile and even raising his eyebrows as he does so. It's so random and bizarre that it becomes outright hilarious. The pair from Video Games Awesome! for instance completely cracked up at said part.
    • In season 3, episode 5, the group will eventually meet a woman named Fern who is mourning either her dead child or her husband, depending on choices you made beforehand. The animation on Fern's face however is atrocious as she switches from heavy crying to shouting profanities to screaming in pain when David breaks her arm, all with a completely indifferent expression.
    • If she's still alive, Ava's death in season 3 episode 5 happens so random and quickly that it's hard to take seriously. Immediately after telling Javi to be careful, she's grabbed by a zombie crawling out a car behind her, causing her to fall down a cliff, and the characters mourn for five seconds before moving on. Even funnier as one of Javi's dialogue options about two seconds after she falls is "She died a hero." The whole thing reads more like Black Comedy than an actual tragic scene.
    • The fight between David and Javi in episode 5 has been considered this for many people, even players who chose to show love instead of fight admitted that it’s a little hard to take seriously. It’s made worse since it comes out of nowhere and doesn’t affect the story whatsoever.
    • Trip's exclamation of "I didn't even know you had a brother, Javi!" is incredibly baffling considering 1) Trip and Javi have known each other for about a day at most, so why Trip feels so betrayed about not knowing that a near-stranger has a brother makes no sense, and 2) Trip knows that Gabe and Mariana were Javi's nephew and niece.
  • Replacement Scrappy: The main reason why Javier Garcia became a divisive character with him replacing Clementine as the main character with fans believing that he is a less interesting character than her. It does not help much that fans were hoping that season three would focused more on the multiple endings for the second season only for them to be addressed in one flashback cutscene where they Dropped A Bridge On Kenny/Jane/Edith/Insert Any Character Other Than Alvin Jr. That You Ended Up With By Season Two with the main story focusing more on Javi's story.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Javier and Kate's relationship takes up a lot of screen time in A New Frontier. The fact that both are Base Breakers doesn't help.
  • The Scrappy: A New Frontier might be infamous just for having the most amount of hated characters in comparison to the other seasons, who at least had some notable likeable or sympathetic traits.
    • Most of the Season 3 cast (aside from Jesus and Conrad) either for being dull and underdeveloped or for being outright jerkasses or both. As of the finale's release pretty much every lets play on YouTube will have several top comments confessing that they only care about Clementine and none of the new cast.
    • Kate for being an annoying Flat Character who only seems to be around to be one half of a Romantic Plot Tumor with Javi. The fact that she has smoked marijuana in front of her kids when she thought they weren't looking (even once in the same vehicle as them!) and is heavily implied to be pursuing a romance with Javi before the zombie outbreak and while married to David makes it worse. Furthermore, she never gets in trouble for romantically having feelings for Javi while Javi does even if he doesn't return her feelings.
    • Gabriel García, also known as Gabe is hated by the players due to his moody teenage personality that makes fans think he's unoriginal and annoying, his tendency to not listen and complain all the time, his extremely disliked Ship Tease with Clementine and probably worst of all: determinately snitching on Javier by revealing to Tripp and Eleanor that Javier shot Conrad, all without remorse or restraint, and just watches in spiteful sadism as this fact is causing a rift in the group.
    • David Garcia eventually fell to this territory in the later episodes due to his uncaring, hypocritical, and downright irrational behavior, with him just coming off as more abrasive and falling heavily into the Too Dumb to Live territory, the fact that the game tries to make you empathize with him while he treats you horrifically regardless of your actions just made it even worse. Then there are those who hated him for his Insane Troll Logic for separating Clementine from AJ, also regardless of your actions.
    • Tripp has gotten some of this for his petty behavior and constant Romantic Plot Tumor with Eleanor, his tendency to screw things up and jump to conclusions at the worst times made many people consider him, alongside the good majority of the New Frontier cast, as one of the most annoying characters in the game.
    • Eleanor, for telling Joan about Javi's plan which lead to the deaths of either Ava or Tripp, even if most of the players are trying to be as nice as possible to her and didn't kill Conrad (though in that case Eleanor will accidentally reveal your intentions). What makes it even worst is that not only does she never receive any punishment in the end for betraying Javi's friends while getting away with it scot-free, but she also has the gall to blame Javier for everything she had caused in the first place.
  • Special Effects Failure: If Tripp dies in Episode 4, he reappears in the background anyway in Episode 5 shortly after Ava dies. Apparently the animators forgot to edit him out.
  • Squick: Depending on the player's choices, Clementine can kiss a dying and bloodied Gabe before he dies.
  • Strangled by the Red String:
    • Javi and Kate from season 3. From the start, it's fairly obvious the story wants the two paired off. The only issues being the fanbase doesn't exactly like either one of them, and their romantic chemistry is minimal to nil at best (not to mention that Kate is still married to David).
    • Clementine and Gabe is probably just as bad (if not worse) than Javi/Kate as Gabe's role to cause more problem every time he helped and poor character made him unsuitable love interest for Clementine, whom the fans come to love over the years. Fans are even more angry when Clem also shows feelings for him and can kiss a dying and bleeding Gabe in one of the endings.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • In A New Frontier episode 4, Javi can give several "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Gabe, telling him that he's tired of Gabe trying to be a lone warrior or martyr when he's actually a boy trying to prove himself a man, and tells him to grow up.
    • Episode 5 of A New Frontier also gives you the option to blame Eleanor for getting Ava or Tripp killed, and refusing to forgive her, although it would still be majorly unsatisfying as she responds in a cold, slightly smug, "I'm sorry you feel that way."
    • You can also have Tripp killed by choosing to save him instead of Ava, in which case Joan will have him shot dead on the spot.
    • Considering that Kate, David, and Gabe are all very divisive, it isn't surprising that some fans feel indifferent, if not blatant joy, when one or even two of them dies at the end of Episode 5.
    • Alongside that, you can choose to fight David to get payback for all the terrible ways he’s treated you throughout the season and if you go after him alone, you can tell him how much of a failure he was and how he isn’t a hero.
  • They Changed It, So It Sucks: While A New Frontier comes in for its fair share of legitimate criticism, there's a vocal part of the fanbase that seem to dislike it simply for not being as heavily focussed on Clementine as the other three seasons. While most players agree that Kate and Gabe fairly earned their status as The Scrappy, many will admit that Javier would probably have been much better received as a character if Clementine (and Lee to a lesser extent) hadn't been such a Tough Act to Follow as a central protagonist.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • Season 3 has a much more realistic design for the characters than the first two seasons. While the art itself is far from bad, there are flashbacks to Season 2 times (that is to say, only a month or two after the season's ending) that update Clementine, Jane, and Kenny for the art style. Seeing them go from slightly-comic-book-cartoonish to very realistic is pretty unsettling.
    • In Episode 5 of Season 3, you encounter a woman named Fern, grieving over her husband and/or child. She cracks and points a gun at you, leading to a tense scene with everyone yelling, crying, etc. The problem? Fern's facial animation is minimal at best. The whole scene, she'll look completely indifferent. Fortunately, a patch was eventually addressed where Fern's expressions are more appropriate.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic:
    • Some fans didn't feel sad about David's death since many felt he was an irrational jerkass whose own stupidity eventually caused his own death. This isn't helped that his relationship with Javier comes across as abusive and he actually considered abandoning his own family a long time before the apocalypse. While a good majority chose to say I love you to David instead of fighting, most of them have said they only did out of their fathers promise rather than actually caring about David, many of them even stating they would’ve fought him otherwise. In the ending where Kate and Gabe live, but he dies, both Kate and Javier seem to agree that his death was his own fault.
    • Out of all the leaders of the New Frontier, Clint is hit with this the worst. While he is trying to keep his community in order, he actively does everything he can to make the situation harder. When Javi reveals Badger and Max’s actions he still kicks Javi out for either killing Rufus or associating with Clementine even though his own people murdered an entire town. Later on, when Javi and David reveal Joan’s actions, Clint still sides with her and removes David from power while justifying the action with a flimsy claim that David put himself before the group. In "From The Gallows" he does nothing to stop Joan’s insane actions and only gives the protagonists the option to leave instead of helping them. And even that deal does not help since Joan, Gabe and Clementine all note that Richmond is surrounded by a giant walker herd so the heroes would be sent to their deaths. And the game is constantly trying to make him look like a Reasonable Authority Figure. All these traits almost make David killing him if the deal is taken seem justified.
  • Wangst: Gabe's Emo Teen attitude all throughout New Frontier is a big reason why he's considered The Scrappy.
  • What an Idiot!: Quite a number of characters make such idiotic decisions that often resulted in needless drama and deaths, which is one of the reasons why A New Frontier is not as well liked compared to past seasons:
    • Richmond as a town. If Joan's clandestine and gruesome raids to innocent settlements doesn't upset you enough, how about Joan double-crossing on the deal to spare a life, and kill whoever Javi chose to spare anyway. This town is shockingly spineless about the corruption that Joan glaringly displays. And then when a riot inevitably breaks out, Richmond's own armed members shoot their own civilians that they are organized to protect.
    • Clint and Lingard have known David for years, who has already proven himself to be extremely loyal to Richmond. It stands that they would at least consider it from David’s point of view when he reveals Joan’s actions. Not only do they not do that, they also kick David out, in spite of the evidence (and Max’s confession) proving him right. There’s an implication that they’re following her to remain in power, despite outnumbering her two to one.
    • Eleanor and Tripp get hit with this big time, they get pissed at Javi for killing their friend Conrad and yet they decide to trust Joan. Yes don’t trust the man who went out of his way to make sure you two survive, trust the person who actively had your home destroyed for petty reasons and expose Javi's plan to her even though she makes it clear she’s willing to kill your friend. To say Tripp and Eleanor were not being rational is an understatement.
    • Potentially David. After Javi agrees to the feasible deal of choosing exile from Richmond so that their friends and family can leave without further violence, what does David do? He quickly grabs a gun and threatens to kill Clint. A massive problem with this is that Clint was the one to organize this peaceful resolution, and Joan should be the one to persecuted for Richmond's corruption. Instead, David kills Clint after a struggle, which makes his murder come off as grossly unjust, since Clint (despite being Unintentionally Unsympathetic) was at least trying to reach a reasonable resolution to the Richmond vs Garcia conflict.
    • Kenny prompting the inexperienced Clementine to speed up when teaching her how to drive, with both of them not wearing seat belts, with baby A.J. riding with them in the car, and then taking control of the steering wheel by force to swerve when she hits a lone walker on the road while speeding instead of commanding her to hit the breaks. This results in Kenny's easily preventable death as they are catapulted through the windscreen upon impact, breaking his spine and legs upon crashing to the ground, and then being devoured by walkers shortly afterwards. What's worse, this leaves Clementine and baby A.J. to fend for themselves after Kenny dies, since they were lucky enough to not die in the crash as well.

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