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  • Ass Pull: Boudicca and Luster being long the surviving victors and behind the attacks on Katniss can feel this way. While Luster was a case of Never Found the Body, his alleged death had been described in detail and there's no indication of how he faked it. Boudicca surviving comes even more out of nowhere, considering Beetee's confident statement that Bovina was the only surviving victor from the first 25 Hunger Games, with there being no explanation for why he was wrong about that, and fans having spent years trusting that statement before chapter 76 came out.
  • Friendly Fandoms: Oisin55 and many of his readers frequently read and reviewed Lorata, anla'shok and FernWithy, three other Hunger Games fanfiction authors (whose works mainly feature District 2, District 4 and Haymitch respectively) who were posting stuff at the same time and often had Shout Outs to each others work.
    • Oisin55 based the sense of community among the District 2 Victors on lorata's stories.
    • He once stated that he'd decided not to feature an incident similar to something FernWithy had done having raiders attack the trains on the way to the Hunger Games to try and stop them, because he liked that scene and didn't want to feel like a copycat.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The first three victors in the story come from Districts 1, 2 and 11 (with 1 and 2 each getting a second Victor in the first decade of game season). The first extract from the prequel novel A Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes, announced years after the completion of The victors project begins right before the tenth hunger games and mentions that Districts 1 and 2 have been getting the most victors and that the tributes from 11 have also been frequent contenders (with it being implied but not stated that at least one has won).
    • that extract also states that the previous nine games have been in a gladiatorial arena inside the Capitol itself.
    • In this story, the original mentors were rebel prisoners, and the District 12 one was a drunken cook. In the upcoming prequel, the original mentors are Capitol students doing a project and the first District 12 mentor is Coriolanus Snow.
  • One-Scene Wonder: There's quite a few of them, given how plenty of games feature multiple tributes in depth but there can only be one victor, not to mention all of the memorable characters outside of the area, and some of the lesser-appearing victors. One standout, though, is The girl from District 6 in the 56th Hunger Games, who only appears in one, three sentence paragraph which describes how she was snatched up by a giant eagle mutt that she managed to kill with a split piece of a stick, earning her a loaf of bread as a sponsor gift.
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  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Oisin55's fans felt this way about a lot of Victors who were sparsely used, or killed under objectionable circumstances. Abram and Cotton might be the two biggest examples of this trope, both being sympathetic, well-written and flat-out cool outlier Victors from the tail end of the games who are needlessly (albeit dramatically) killed in their debut chapters. Many fans thought they would have been great additions to the Rescue Arc of the surviving Victors.
  • The Woobie: At least half of the Victors probably qualify at one point or another in their lives (with a good share of Stoic Woobie's and Jerkass Woobie's) but Elena, Granyte, Seaward, Camden, Thisbe, Mitt, Wonder, Haymitch, Blight, Cecelia, and Cashmere are among the most notable examples.

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