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YMMV / The Vampyr: A Soap Opera

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  • Complete Monster: Ripley is a powerful businessman and crime boss, while secretly a sadistic devil-worshipping vampire. When told that he must sacrifice three women before his Faustian bargain expires, Ripley slaughters and mutilates two women while having sex with them. To get a new sacrifice he has his eyes on his business partner Davenent's daughter Miranda, learning of Davenant's financial issues and offering to take care of them in exchange for marrying Miranda. Incidentally, Miranda happens to be the girlfriend of Ripley's young and lower class protégé Alex, and when this comes to their attention, Ripley mockingly reveals with his true nature and intentions to Alex. He then threatens to take Alex to damnation with him should be interfere. Throughout all this, Ripley praises the devil, offering the souls of his victims, mocks God for being seemingly unable to stop him, and fantasizes about what he'll do to Miranda. When Alex musters up the courage to expose Ripley at the wedding, Ripley makes a final and desperate attempt to kill Miranda himself in revenge.