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  • Base-Breaking Character: Smarks started losing interest in them shortly after they won their first WWE Tag Team Championship, claiming that they haven't evolved their characters in any way or done many interesting things since. Since they returned in late 2015, they outright turned against them, probably because of their alliance/relation to the most hated man in WWE at the moment, and spending most of their time feuding with smark favorite tag teams such as The New Day, The Dudley Boyz and Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows, who in comparison, are all far more entertaining. However, they remain popular with the casual audience since they were voted Tag Team of the Year in the 2014 & 2015 Slammy Awards, which were determined by fan vote,note  the latter happened despite the team being out for most of the year due to Jey's shoulder injury. Then came SmackDown Live with the new brand split, and an epic character turnaround ensued taking them out of this trope.
  • Designated Hero:
    • Have shown shades of this in their feud with Gold and Stardust (Goldust and Stardust). So far Goldust and Stardust have been regarded as the Heels for getting angry at the Usos supposedly getting DQed and counted out on purpose to retain their titles but what we have seen on TV gives no indication the Usos WEREN'T doing so.note  Then the Usos attack Goldust and Stardust from behind with a weapon after their match that the Usos were not involved in and the Usos are still considered the Face of this feud. To make matters worse, in the aftermath of the feud the Usos have started using Twin Magic on their opponents when they're supposed to be the babyfaces.
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    • Their feud alongside Roman Reigns against the Club has them being even more so. While the feud was started when Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows made their debut as a team in WWE by attacking the Usos, and later attacking Reigns thinking that would help AJ Styles, the Usos have really being the ones escalating the entire feud. When Anderson and Gallows would later try more attacks, Styles would try to settle things down and act as peacemaker, but the Usos instead attack Styles unprovoked, which led to him defending himself, which in turn led to Reigns attacking him in revenge. Then came Extreme Rules; during Reigns and Styles' match, Anderson and Gallows interfere once again and the Usos come to ran them off. One would think that they would go after them and leave Reigns and Styles to reassume their match, right? Wrong. They not only conduct their own attack on Styles in response, they later go out of their way to stop Styles' pin attempt on Reigns, something even Anderson and Gallows didn't do during the match (they just attacked Reigns). At that point Styles just destroyed them with steel chairs.
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  • Ear Worm: Try to listen to the Siva Tau and try to resist the urge to chant/dance along. Their entrance theme, "So Close Now" is equally catchy. Their heel theme, "Done With That", has instantly become a fan favorite, even moreso with the "Day One Remix" where the brothers themselves "rap" out their catchphrases.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • They've been this for years in the WWE tag team division, and could be said to have been on the road to this since they first debuted on TV attacking the Hart Dynasty.
    • Jey Uso alone within the VGCW fanbase, ever since his utterly random appearance in a Royal Rumble.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Ever since their street thug-style Day One Ish persona switch, the Usos have become much more unanimously popular, winning back the interest of most fans who'd grown tired of their Uso Crazy run. Nowadays the primary source of snark in their direction comes from fans of the Bullet Club, specifically its heavyweight tag team the Guerrillas of Destiny. First there's the natural extension of the "WWE vs. New Japan Pro-Wrestling" debate. Then there's the Polynesian factor, putting Rikishi's twin sons against Haku's kids at the prime of each team's runs. On top of all that, the Usos have twice slipped up on Talking Smack and invoked the name of Bullet Club when referring to the stable's alumni Anderson and Gallows as potential crossover opponents from Raw, and the pro-BC crowd is amused by the notion of them eating their words.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • First off, the line about Xavier Woods. How the hell the Usos got Creative to approve a line even obliquely referencing a still fairly-fresh sex tape scandal involving current superstars is anybody's guess.
    • Also, their entire "Day One Ish" catchphrase, which is featured very prominently on merch, in promos, and now in their theme song. Anybody with a decent knowledge of urban slang probably picked up on it. For those that don't, well...
  • Growing the Beard: Right after they donned the face paint, they graduated from go-to face tag team Jobber to serious threat for the titles. Then they won the titles, and have gone toe-to-toe on several occasions with (and beaten) Luke Harper and Erick Rowan of The Wyatt Family - a pair of guys even The Shield have had trouble with.
    • Up to Eleven combined with Win Back the Crowd following their heel turn in 2016 on SmackDown Live. Their resultant change in character, forgoing the face paint and Siva Tau in favor of street-style vice and aggression against the other SmackDown tag teams, made them fresher than they'd been in years and led to renewed interest in them. Through 2017, a combination of intense promos, fantastic matches, and dominant championship reigns have made the "Day One Ish" Samoan brothers so captivating and highly respected that they even turned back face under the new personas without losing the edge of the gimmick. Successfully reclaiming the position of top face tag team in WWE to much more united fanfare than they had previously, The Usos are now widely considered one of — if not the — best tag team in the world.
  • Signature Scene: Them confronting Big E and Xavier Woods — during a Tag Team Gauntlet Match to ensure Kofi goes to Wrestlemania 35 — and telling their New Day rivals that they forfeit.


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