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YMMV / The Untold Story

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  • Complete Monster: Wong Chi-hang is a homicidal maniac with a violent temper. After burning a man alive, Wong flees to Macau and becomes a waiter at the Eight Immortals Restaurant. Wong gruesomely murders his boss Cheng Lam and his family, including the children, when Cheng refused to grant Wong $183,000 due to Wong cheating at mahjong. When Ah Man, a waiter of the restaurant, catches him in the act, Wong savagely kills him, makes barbecue pork buns with his flesh, and serves them to the unsuspecting customers. Fearing that Pearl, a cashier, was going to tell the police, he rapes and murders her in a gruesome fashion, and then attempts to flee from the authorities after hiding crucial evidence. While he was getting his self-inflicted wounds tended to, he takes a nurse as hostage, and threatens to murder her if he wasn't allowed to escape. His only regret was not being meticulous with disposing the evidence.
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  • Cult Classic
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: A sequel, called The Untold Story 2, was released 5 years later, with Anthony Wong who played Wong Chi-hang in the original, this time playing a cop investigating another murder incident. Casting Gag?
  • Hong Kong Homely: The one female cop is often called ugly even though she could be considered above average.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Mr. Wong's slaughter of his boss's family - including half a dozen children - will convince you he's an irredeemable monster. Later murders will simply confirm it.
  • Sequelitis: Two sequels are made, and neither are as memorable or well-received as the original. While the second movie is tolerable (due to Anthony Wong, who originally portrayed Wong Chi-hang, playing a good character the second time, making it a meta Heel–Face Turn) and entertaining enough, the third movie is widely considered the worst.
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  • Squick: A good amount, if the alternative titles/subtitle wasn't enough of an indicator.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Squick aside, the film has some pretty realistic gore effects.

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