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YMMV / The Unlimited Hyoubu Kyousuke

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  • Awesome Music: The soundtrack and opening theme are spectacular!
  • Ho Yay: Rampant between Kyousuke and Andy. Most notable are...
    • In episode 2 Kyousuke more or less sensually clasps the specially-made limiter necklace around the nape of Hinomiya's neck with his own hands.
    • Just Kyousuke and Andy in particular. Kyousuke often comes off as flirtatious when speaking to Andy who, in his own way, has a grudging respect for Kyousuke. Andy also comes off as a Tsundere and there are several Held Gazes between the two of them that are practically dripping with UST.
      • Episode 11. They're quite happy to ignore the room full of soldiers with machine guns and flying gun turrets all trained on them, so they can essentially Have A Moment.
      • In fact, the show works best if you watch it as Andy having to decide between his duty and the person he's suddenly found himself falling for.
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    • Kyousuke has a bit of this with himself in the last episode while fighting his illusory clone.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Kyousuke
  • Moral Event Horizon: For the United States agents that infiltrate Catastrophe, blasting anti-ESP waves at Yuugiri until she goes unconscious from the extreme pain is arguably this. It firmly establishes them as villains, rather than an hero antagonists, in any case. It makes it pretty clear that they see even child espers as nothing but monsters, which loses them just about any sympathy they could have had from the audience.
    • That said however, episode 12 shows that it's rogue elements within the government, not the entire government as a whole, that supports this. It's possible anti-esper humans manage to infiltrate the ranks within the government to hatch their anti-esper plans. Minamoto even tells them that they were tipped off by a Comerican agent they've worked with before about the rogue agent's plans who wasn't under their influence.
  • What an Idiot!: Kyousuke's former military commander attempts to kill him to prevent him from leading an anti-esper uprising later on. And espers being blamed for the assassination of a pro-esper politician, and being subjected to even more hostility and ostracization will somehow cause them not to rebel and riot later because of said actions by humans.

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