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  • Abandon Shipping: When Arlo was first introduced, it was popular to ship him with Meryl due to the idea that their early interactions was a case of Belligerent Sexual Tension. This lasted until it was revealed that Arlo was heavily classist, racist, and sexist, and treated everyone else around him like a lesser being, at that point people dropped the ship like a rock.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Kiwi takes the reveal that the man he thought was his best friend actually being an imposter very well.
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  • Anticlimax Boss: The spawn of Stillhavity that took over the twin tusks orc clan that Borky has to fight in single combat, had a decent AC and the ability to counterattack whenever Borky missed an attack, and actually does some decent damage...... until Monty remembers that Raunfalt gets advantage against anything related to Stillhavity, and also has the potential to banish it back to its home plane, then it retroactively goes down in 3 hits, with Borky barely getting hurt
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Exactly how much of Borky's antics is due to his legitimate lack of intelligence or him deliberately playing up they Orc stereotype?
    • Sergei got hit with this after the truth of his and Euphoria's falling out came to light. Did he lie to Euphoria about drowning Panic/Vergil to spite her, for not telling him the truth about her race, or did he do it due to the belief that Euphoria, couldn't be trusted to be a positive influence on their child, and did it out of the misguided belief that he could raise Vergil alone?
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  • Arc Fatigue: The Underdark arc has gotten this reaction after awhile, less because of the arc's actual length, but more so the amount of times the group had to put the main campaign on halt due to either real world issues, or celebrating the show's 100th episode with a beach special, which makes the arc feel like it's dragging on far more than it should.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Greckles is easily the most controversial member of the main cast, with some loving his journey of self discovery, along with his relationship with Solly, while others criticize him for his hypocrisy, inability to actually admit his mistakes, and the lack of real knowledge about his backstory making it hard to emphasize with him when he ends up angsting about it.
    • Tubbs, some thought that he was a wonderful source of humor, while others agreed with Monty that he was a waste of time that Taka ran into the ground.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Everything about the dog zone, where the current storyline about Solly's dark past suddenly gets hijacked by a magic pug that turns people into the dogs, and once they deal with it, everyone moves on like it never happened.
  • Crazy Awesome: The Unexpectables have this reputation In-Universe among some of the Alivast guard. They are unquestionably this after Operation: Dino Drop.
    • Zenrio, any plan involving him sounds completely ridiculous on paper, and his overall personality is rather eccentric, but so far he’s proven to be one of the most effective allies the group has ever had.
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    • Gnoll weddings. They involve the newlyweds hacking apart a wooden vampire effigy with battleaxes on the altar, party games involving battleaxes, and just a great many battleaxes in general.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The squad of guards serving under Doros for being both memorable and effective.
    • Doros himself went from a throwaway character introduced in episode 5 to one of the most popular npcs in the entire show.
    • Kiwi, the kenku that Greckles befriended while on the pirate ship. He's reappeared multiple times, and has proved surprisingly effective in combat due to some oddly high rolls.
    • It didn’t take long for Euphoria Grimtongue to become loved by the fandom thanks due to her dynamics with the group and her interesting design.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Brorc’s jealousy over Greckles and Solly’s closeness makes a lot more sense when you remember that due to Alivastian laws, Solly is the only other person in the country that he can marry, meaning that he’s going to be very wary of people she’s close to.
  • Genius Bonus:
    • The word "panic" comes from the Greek god Pan, who had a fondness for sneaking up on people and scaring them. Said god's horns and cloven feet are part of the inspiration for the traditional depiction of demons, on which tieflings are also based. Panic's choice of that name is very apropos.
    • Helena's stage name is "Glossolalia", which refers to speaking in tongues, a practice exercised by some religious groups.
  • Ho Yay: Frequently Played for Laughs between Panic and Borky. While in Tracadia, Greckles also joined in with flirting with Panic.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Task, especially early on, was an aggressive asshole who frequently insulted anyone who slighted him and at one point even tried to kill Solly for her holding secrets, and he's clearly still dealing with the fact that his entire clan was wiped out, and holding on to what little remnants of his family that he had, which were all destroyed by the end of the Solly arc.
    • Pilchard is a violent belligerent drunk who makes it quite clear that he wants nothing to do with what Solar told him. due to still feeling the immense guilt of ruining the life of both Solly and her mother, along with seeing his religions decent to a xenophobic dictatorship firsthand.
  • Memetic Badass: Fan art constantly shows Tai Borpington bare chested with large muscles, acting far tougher than his canon appearance.
    • The crab from the Northlander arc that held onto the knife like it was the end of the world got such a fearsome reputation that came back as CRABBIUS THE MIGHTY! Who apparently has connections with everyone who lives in the ocean.
    • Amazingly, a single coconut became this after Borky failed five strength checks in a row while trying to bite through its husk, with none of the checks going over 10. It was as if the very universe itself didn't want him to discover what coconut tastes like (a flavor he described as "water, but worse").
  • Memetic Loser: Poor Greckles. Gaijin has bad luck with combat rolls, resulting in Greckles performing dismally in several battles. Many watchers refer to him as "fail bird" as a result.
    • Remy also ended up falling into this due to a rather unimpressive fighting style stopping him from having any stand out moments in combat, and his dismal rolls during role playing sessions, which at one point led to Monty flat out stating that he sucked.
    • Tom, one of the mercenaries hired by the United Clergy of Orun to guard their camp. During the first fight Tom appeared in he failed to land a single hit on the good guys. During the second fight he gets hit by a Suggestion spell which causes him to abandon his post and simply walk away from the fight.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • The United Clergy of Orun crossed it with the massacre of the Flumphs that Solly was protecting, not only were the Flumphs completely harmless, but they were actively wanting to learn more about Orun and the surface, showing that the Clergy only wants those of the underground races wiped off the face of the earth.
    • Mel crossed it with her attempted murder of everyone who lives at the Sweet Dragon, due to them not joining her in a heist. This ends up with the party vowing to kill her the next time they meet.
  • Self-Fanservice: Euphoria Grimtongue, looks like a haggard, middle aged women, that wears a modest brown robe and has a second mouth growing out of her neck. but, most likely due to being the mother of Panic, she's typically depicted looking half of her age, and looking a lot more curvaceous than the official art suggests.
  • Shipping: The main 4 all have a number of characters that the fans want them to get together with;
    • Early on Task showed an obvious romantic interest in Mel, Though this was shot thanks to her attempt to kill the group . He's had some intimate interactions with the mute griffin rider, Winter who he hopes to ask out the next time they meet. There's also some who pairs him up with the Silver King's daughter Zotira, due to Task's uncharacteristically cordialness with her, and the fact that she's effectively Tarusk's mother.
    • Borky is often paired with Limealicious's Lily due to their close friendship, Borky constantly calling her "adorable," and her sending him frequent letters (penned by Limealicious herself). He's also paired with Tai Borpington on account of Borky frequently calling him "beautiful," and the close companionship they share while working at the Sweet Dragon.Later on, Borky shows an obvious crush on Starlight the Drow singer. Though all but Lily ended up getting sunk due to Taka not wanting to role play a romance with his sister
    • Panic is typically shipped with Hellina, due to their heartwarming interactions, as Panic helps her gain a normal life, to help make up for scarring her when she was with the Orun Clergy. With episode 99 confirming that their relationship is a loving one, but doesn't elaborate on which type. There's also those who pair him up with Rivi due to their Kissing Under the Influence incident.
    • Greckles most heavily with Solly, based on the sacrifices they make and the emotions they confide in each other. Them sealing promises by exchanging feathers is particularly heartwarming. Later on he also ended up getting paired with Remy, after they spent a few episodes flirting with each other, and while it gets toned down when Remy reappears, it's clear that they're still very close.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Audrey’s feelings for Gruul come a bit out of left field, with the two of them having only a few known interactions over the course of at most a week and a half before she decides to sleep with him and live with his tribe, something she scoffed at only a few days before.
  • That One Level: Tracadia is this in universe, with most of the fights being designed to take advantage of the party's weaknesses (lack of a true healer, weak constitution, and not many effective Ao E spells) along with nearly no breaks between fighting, and the second half being an escort mission that makes it so that if a vampire so much as touched the artifact they were guarding, all light spells and artifacts would be useless. By the end of it, the group has unanimously decided to never visit the place again.
    • Later, after getting annoyed by the groups complaining about Tracadia, Monty decided to make the group go to the Underdark with the intention of making it bad enough that they wouldn't complain about Tracadia again, and it shows, with the enemies encountered heavily overpowering and out numbering the group, (Including an encounter with a Drow millita led by a sorcerer that had 8th level spells.) on multiple occasions, the only positive is that compared to Tracadia is that they don't have to worry about a strict time table and can rest whenever they find a safe place.
  • Unexpected Character: Jerry the Flumph, a gag character Zito made up on the spot while witnessing Solly's past, actually ended up getting canonized by Monty almost 70 episodes later, when the group finds him in the Gauntlet, to the surprise of many, including Zito himself.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: Tubbs the fat pigeon is seen in disgust by the npcs, is Monty's most hated creation, and out of the five main players, is only liked by Taka, doesn’t stop him from becoming a fan favorite.
    • Scarbles, the tunnel obsessed waitress of the Sweet Dragon, to the point where the cast acknowledges that they have no in universe reason to not fire her, it's just that they enjoy her antics to much to let her go.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • A good chunk of the Solly arc could of been avoided if it wasn't for the fact that nearly everyone assumed the worst about Solly, and jumped to conclusions without thinking things through, with the pinnacle of it being when Greckles does nothing as Stillhavity tempts Solly with one of his deals, which ends up leading to Solly being taken to Stillhavity's realm, causing the group to have to rescue her which ends up leading to LYS their most powerful ally, sacrificing themselves to save the group.
    • Panic has tried using magical darkness against the United Clergy of Orun, worshipers of the god of the Sun, twice, and has learned both times that they can dispel it pretty easily.
    • Rat attempted to try and appeal to the Werewolf the group had tied up by unleashing it...only to get bitten and then contracted lycanthrope for the second time during that encounter, causing the group to have to chain him up for most of the trip to Longholm out of fear of him possibly turning.
  • The Woobie Solly Was stolen from her mother the moment she was born due to her Aasimar features, only to be raised by the United Clergy of Orun, a group of fanatics that thought of her as a freak, and branded her when she displeased them, to make things worse her Celestial father Solar treated her less as a person and more as a puppet, demanding her to do what she says every time she dreams, even when she finally runs away from the clergy she ends of catching the attention of Stillhavity, who emotionally manipulates her to make a deal with him so that he can drain Orun's power. There's a reason that everyone who knows of her past is so protective of her.

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