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YMMV / The Umbrella Academy

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The comic has several:
    • The opening has Tusslin' Tom wrestling a squid from space. The event has no clear relevance to the plot and is never mentioned again.
    • Reginald is revealed to be a space alien. This is never mentioned again.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Dr. Terminal, debuting in Apocalypse Suite, is a cannibalistic scientist out to satiate his massive appetite. Having been diagnosed with Einstein Syndrome, Terminal made a device that would help prevent the disease from spreading. Terminal, wanting to keep the disease happy, became a cannibal who ate the doctors who diagnosed him, and even ate a young Rumor's arm, claiming that little girls taste better. Defeated by the Academy, Terminal programmed his robots to destroy a crowded carnival should the Academy reform, an act that ends up killing countless people, including children. Sent to Sir Reginald's Hotel Oblivion, following a containment breach, Terminal eats a scientist and tries to devour the entire city, bragging about how his hunger is never-ending.
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    • Apocalypse Suite: The Conductor is the leader of the Orchestra Verdammten, a cult set out to destroy the world. Having written a song that would make a comet crash into the Earth, the Conductor has his followers attempt to perform the song themselves, murdering those who fail to do so. Manipulating Vanya into joining his cult, he painfully brainwashes and transforms her into the deadly White Violin, a weapon who's unleashed and ends up killing Dr. Phineas Pogo while trying to continue the Conductor's plans of annihilating Earth.
    • Dallas: Hazel and Cha-Cha are a pair of psychopathic assassins who use their occupation to murder people for sadistic kicks. Sent by Temps Aeternalis to kill rogue agent Number Five, the two torture the diner owner to death by cutting off all his limbs - all for a pie recipe - while abusing his waitress. Kidnapping Five's brother, Klaus Hargreeves, the two torture him for Five's whereabouts and then kill Klaus when he contacts Spaceboy for help; they later knock out Spaceboy, believing to have killed him. The two then decide to celebrate their victory by activating a nuclear bomb, hoping to destroy the world.
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  • Fridge Brilliance: Kraken's useless power makes more sense when viewed as part of the 'set'. When your group has an avalanche/tsunami/earthquake hazard like the White Violin (who fights by sending massive vibrations throughout all surrounding matter) around, it's really useful to have someone who won't suffocate and can dig the others out.


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