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YMMV / The Twins of Destiny

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  • Angst? What Angst?: Nobody seems all that broken up over Paulette and Ho Quan being lost at sea in "Voyage into Danger." The former turned out to still be alive, but still...
  • Arc Fatigue: It takes over half of the series for the twins to get to Martin in Marseilles, mostly because they kept getting mugged, enslaved, and subjected to Missed Him by That Much.
  • Complete Monster: The Empress Dowager of China is a wicked tyrant who lives in lavish luxury while her oppressed, poverty-stricken people starve and are terrorized by her soldiers and eunuchs. When two children who were prophesied to bring about her downfall are born, the Empress orders them killed, has their doctor imprisoned and tortured, and turns their fathers into inanimate—but still awarestatues, because death would be "too easy", as a punishment for the "defiant act" of bringing her would-be usurpers into the world. After learning that the children were secretly smuggled to France, the Empress gives her eunuchs free reign to destroy anything that gets in their way in their mission to slay the twins. When the twins make it to China, the Empress deploys her armies against them, and allows the soldiers to raze villages and summarily execute people in an attempt to flush the children and their allies out. The Empress regularly threatened her servants with death and mutilation, had planned on murdering her Evil Sorcerer on the unfounded suspicion that he was disloyal, and foregoes executing her incompetent head eunuch in favor of demoting him, because the eunuch spending the rest of his life haunted by his disgrace is a far crueler and more amusing punishment than death.
  • Narm:
    • The music that plays during the battle scenes in the last few episodes is weirdly whimsical instead of epic, and sounds like it came from an arcade game or something similar.
    • One of Po Dung's lieutenants is named Xi Min (say it fast).
  • Shocking Swerve: Ho Cheng turning out to be a demonic, squid-like Brain Monster and the reveal that numerous helpful characters (like George the Beggar, the Bear, Brother Charles, and the Pretty Good Sabatier) were nothing but personas assumed by Giovanne.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The cruelty and inhumanity of child labor, as well as wage slavery. When Shou Cow made it clear that he and the Secret Society of Freedom were really only concerned with rescuing the twins from a sweatshop, saying that they can't save the whole world, he's called out on this viewpoint by Professor Ledeaux.
    Professor Ledeaux: It is the duty of every adult to protect the young and innocent, and you will not stop me from trying to free those children. If you call yourself freedom fighters, you should be fighting for all those who need your help, not the chosen few. Can't you see?


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