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YMMV / The Twilight Zone S 3 E 100 I Sing The Body Electric

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  • Broken Base: Those who like it praise the episode for its Sweet Dreams Fuel compared to the usually cynical, creepy nature of the show. Those who hate it see the episode as sappy and feel it lacked the in depth plotline of other episodes.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Anne acts hostilely, especially towards Grandma or any mention of her late mother for much of the episode. However, as Grandma realizes, she felt hurt and abandoned when her mother died and was angry at Grandma because she reminded her of her mother.
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  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: No Nightmare Fuel or Cruel Twist Ending as you'd expect, and none of the sourness you'd expect from Ray Bradbury. She may be an android, but she is every bit the perfect grandma for a family in need. If there's a "twist", it's that all of the Grandmothers share their experiences with each other, but in that they all experience the loving and kind memories.


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