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YMMV / The Twilight Zone S 1 E 6 Escape Clause

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  • Magnificent Bastard: The Devil, appearing as an affable, portly man named Cadwallader, is a trickster who appears to hypochondriac Walter Bedeker offering him immortality in exchange for his soul. Cadwallader plays to Bedeker's ego to get him to accept the deal, also explaining that there is an "escape clause" that will have him kill Bedeker if he requests. Bedeker quickly uses his newfound immortality to throw himself into dangerous situations for a thrill, eventually trying to get himself executed in the electric chair. However Bedeker is instead sentenced to life imprisonment and is crestfallen, calling Cadwallader to enact the escape clause which he does, with the Devil getting everything he wanted without ever telling a lie.
  • What an Idiot!: The man is given complete immortality, invincibility from all harm and what does he do? He decides to kill himself in a bunch of different ways, perpetuate some low-grade insurance fraud, and in a supreme display of idiocy, he accidentally kills his wife, turns himself in so he can try the electric chair, and then when he is sentenced to life in prison instead, rather than try to escape since he can't be shot, he just gives his life and lets the devil take his soul. Maybe the devil only makes deals with people who have no imagination?
    • This actually makes one episode (Printer's Devil), the mark actually has a good sense of imagination...and gets out of their contract as a result.
    • He also wouldn't have spent centuries in prison, decades at most. When someone reaches age 100+ while still in perfect health, coupled with being seemingly immune to damage, no government on the planet would just leave them in jail. They'd pull some strings to get him released and study the hell out of him. Decades in prison would still suck, though.