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YMMV / The Transformers: Regeneration One

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  • Complete Monster:
    • Megatron becomes far crueler and more sadistic than he was in the original Marvel series. After being reactivated by a group of humans investigating the crashed Ark, Megatron launched a campaign of slaughter in the hopes of luring Optimus Prime back to Earth. He used the Ark's systems to hack into military bases around the world, and launched hundreds of nuclear missiles to turn the planet into a complete wasteland. Megatron then turned his former Decepticon soldiers into mindless zombies and ordered them to hunt down any humans who were still alive. He kept Starscream conscious of his situation as payback for his years of treachery, and kept Ratchet's disembodied head alive due to their Psychic Link. After waiting twenty-one years for the Autobots to arrive, Megatron captured Kup and infected with him a deadly disease to use him as bait. When Optimus arrived to put an end to his schemes, Megatron ordered the rest of the world's nuclear arsenal to be launched in an attempt to kill everyone on the planet, him and Prime included. Wishing to go out in a blaze of glory and take everyone with him, Megatron became a vindictive sadist as a way to pass the time.
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    • Jhiaxus was a former senator on Cybertron who saw a grander destiny for his species than the one Primus laid out for them. Wishing to create a galaxy-spanning empire under his control, Jhiaxus stole the knowledge of how to create life from the Underbase and purged all records of himself from Cybertron. Over the millennia, Jhiaxus created the Hub Network, a series of interconnected planets built on a campaign of terraforming and genocide. When he arrived on Cybertron in the hopes of adding it back to his empire, he sneered when Rodimus Prime suggested the beings he wiped out classified as life. This disregard for life was shown when his Primum Frugae slaughtered the Primordials on Cybertron for being "sub-evolved". He later revealed to Rodimus Prime his plans to reformat the Autobots into fitting his view of a "master species" and execute the rest who were "tainted" by outsider technology. Ultimately obsessed with instilling his own version of order across the galaxy, Jhiaxus showed a no remorse for countless worlds he stripped of life to build his empire.
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  • Ho Yay: Shockwave saving Starscream from the collapsing Hub Bridal Carry style. What he says is the clincher.
    "The... logical course of action would be to depart forthwith. But I feel strangely compelled... to remove Starscream from harm's way. Interrogative: Is this... emotion?"