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  • Ass Pull - Alecto's love for Pamela came way out of left field.
    • Also, at the end when it is revealed that the whole story took place in the forties despite everything being decidedly modern. Especially when you remember that Cora has pictures of Ash that are dated for the 1990's. Ass Pull indeed. Probably crosses over with Writers Cannot Do Math.
  • Foe Yay - Ash both loves and hates Pamela. The same goes for Alecto.
    • Belial admits that Pamela is the person he loves the most in the world. He also went on an elaborate plan to make her immortal, just so he could have more time to fuck with her. He's the person she hates most in the world.
  • Heartwarming Moments: "I choose to live happily."
    • The story of Bread and Cheese.
    • When the alchemist chooses to save the sweet jester doll instead of letting the princess torture it further.
  • Moment of Awesome - Everyone Pamela's ever helped with her fortune-telling shows up to repay the favor, foiling Belus in the process.
    • When the tree spirit impales the abusive father of a little boy and uses the treasure hidden in his tree to pay for the boy's future, despite it meaning that he'll die.
    • When Pamela figures out that she's trapped in a dream world and impales Victor in that dream, in revenge for ruining her life and killing Ash.
  • Nightmare Fuel - The demons, what the "sage" in one of the stories is feeding people, and the fact that Alecto is infected by maggots by Belus that eventually drives him insane.


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