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YMMV / The Tall Man

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  • Accidental Aesop: The children of poor people are better off with rich people who will give them whatever they want, even if that means kidnapping them from their families and letting them think their kids are dead.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Julia and the organisation she works with in general for several viewers. She wants to help stop the cycle of abuse and poverty she witnesses daily in her town, but rather than helping parents realise the error of their ways and working with them to find better solutions, she helps kidnap their children and gives them to rich people under the assumption they'll have a better life and grow up to be better people. Some of these parents clearly love their children even if they're not able to provide for them well or need some improvement in the parenting department; in fact, one woman goes to great lengths to retrieve her son from Julia. To make matters worse, when Julia gets caught, she lies and says that she murdered the children she takes. She's depicted as a martyr who is sacrificing herself for the good of the kids, but considering she's still guilty of kidnapping, that her lies mean the organisation will continue snatching children and handing them over to strangers and that the parents of those children will now have to deal with the horror of believing their children are dead and they'll never find the bodies, she generally isn't viewed with much sympathy by the audience. The fact that at the end, Jenny wonders if she really is better off with a new family after all doesn't exactly help.