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  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: For those who donated to the Kickstarter:
    • A stretch goal was reached that allowed some form of this.
      • Those who pitched in at least $35 got a digital copy of the official guidebook, which features detailed information on the mechanics and the backstory.
      • Had the project achieved another goal, those who put in $45 or more would've received a physical guidebook in addition to the digital one, and yet another goal would have resulted in physical copies of the games and soundtracks as well as a set of postcards.
      • As a consolation prize, those who pitched in at least $45 instead got the "Digital Deluxe Edition", which includes high-resolution images of the box and CD label art for the games and soundtracks. A do-it-yourself collector's edition, if you will.
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    • Regardless of the stretch goals, higher tiers yielded items like T-shirts, a plushie of SITER SKAIN's mascot, and even a bodypillow of Alice.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: All of the games require you to complete a given stage to unlock it for practice mode, meaning that to practice a stage that's giving you trouble, you'll need to be able to beat it in the first place. This isn't a big problem for KAMUI since it has infinite continues right off the bat (and thus you can basically unlock all six stages for practice with relatively little effort), but RefleX and ALLTYNEX Second don't have that same luxury.


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