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YMMV / The Sword and the Sorcerer

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  • Complete Monster:
    • The ambitious Big Bad King Cromwell begins by attempting to conquer a rival king's lands. He achieves this by reviving an ancient sorcerer named Xusia. Cromwell kills his rival King Richard, and betrays Xusia and leaves him for dead before killing Richard's wife as well, but misses Richard's son Prince Talon. As King, Cromwell has enemies subjected to Cold-Blooded Torture and constantly tries to expand his domain with destruction and death. When Prince Mikah of the resistance is captured, Cromwell sends him to the torture chambers and desiring Mikah's sister Alana, he tries to force her into bed by threatening her brother's life. He later invites the heads of other lands to a banquet, planning to murder them and steal their lands. The entertainment there is Talon, whom Cromwell has had crucified with six inch nails.
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    • Xusia is no saint either. An ancient, possibly even demonic, sorcerer that Cromwell enlists to cast a series of curses on Richard's armies. He was so good at this task that Cromwell understandably becomes very afraid of what he's unleashed on the world. His plan after Cromwell's assassination attempt is too influence the plot via his disguise as the Evil Chancellor, leading to the rebellion being routed and their leader in chains. His ultimate goal was to violently murder Cromwell, usurp the throne and then rule over the empire as a Sorcerer-King.
  • Designated Hero: Talon is an asshole that almost everyone in-universe praises as an All-Loving Hero. He routinely insults everyone he comes into contact with, stops a rape only to immediately proposition the intended victim to persuade him to help and his only care for getting involved in the plot at all is revenge on Cromwell. All of his most heroic deeds are completely offscreen and only relayed to the audience via Character Shilling.

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