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  • Broken Base: Viewers of the documentary are divided on whether or not the revamp of the script Kingdom of the Sun into The Emperor's New Groove was for the better. Many find New Groove was a needed breath of fresh air that was rightfully picked over its more convoluted and traditional predecessor, others feel Kingdom of the Sun was a potential masterpiece that was ruined by being watered down to make it much more comedic and commercial. Then there are those who think that Kingdom would've been a good movie, albeit an extremely different movie from the one we got, but that Emperor's is good, too. Some even wish that we could have somehow gotten both.
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  • Friendly Fandoms: This documentary has gained a following for fans of Zack Snyder's Justice League, which many fans are upset that what they wanted was changed from executives.
  • Tear Jerker: Seeing Roger Allers' vision for Kingdom of the Sun to be another Disney epic, which he spent four years of hard work on directing, getting scrapped and reworked into a screwball comedy by order of management because the film as it was would've taken too long to complete in time for a 2000 release, prompting him to walk off the project. And to add insult to injury, the final movie used just enough elements from his original idea that he couldn't take his original idea for Kingdom of the Sun elsewhere to see his vision all the way through. Even though he was calm for the camera, he was absolutely devastated behind the scenes.
    "Kingdom of the Sun was such a heart-breaking experience for me. I put four years of my heart and energy into that one. Though I may have seemed calm for the camera (as I always tried to be for my crew) inside it was a chaotic struggle resulting in annihilation. I was creating an 'epic' picture mixing elements of adventure, comedy, romance and mysticism. The head of Disney Features at the time was afraid that we were doing, in his opinion, too many films in the same vein. He was also uncomfortable with the spiritual and cultural (Inca) aspects of it. Hence, he decided to make it a simple slapstick comedy. They kept just enough of my elements (characters and such) that I can never produce my original vision or story elsewhere. Would it have worked out if we had had more time? I would hope so, but one can never know these things."


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