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YMMV / The Stars Will Aid Their Escape

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  • Complete Monster: Herald is an avatar of Nyarlathotep and is just as sadistic as all his other incarnations. When he comes across a disgruntled Trixie, he offers her the Neighcronomicon, to which she goes mad with power. He then lures the Cutie Mark Crusaders somewhere secluded so that he can rip out their souls and goads Rainbow Dash into collapsing the building they're in so that Dash thinks she's the reason the Crusaders are catatonic, but not before rendering Twilight hopelessly insane when he registers her as a possible threat. When he reveals himself to the princesses, he uses the Crusaders' souls so they don't try to banish him. He then has his Dark Young henchmen slaughter most of the Royal Guard and, after a few breaking speeches as well as completing his goal of summoning the Outer Gods, he throws the jar containing the Crusaders' souls over a waterfall just to hurt the Mane Six more.


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