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YMMV / The Spectral Chronicles

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  • Nightmare Fuel / Paranoia Fuel: Satan's empire of Pandemonium has these two tropes in a deadly combination. Not only are many demons terrifying to look at, but their penchant for evil is legendary. On top of that, the portals that they emerge from to conquer planets for their Dark Emperor can appear anytime, anywhere.
  • Tear Jerker: Ruby's backstory might come across as this: when she was 16 in her mortal life, she won a martial arts tournament with flying colors. Afterward, her mother dropped her off at her friend's house, where her friends were having a celebratory party for her. As the night wore on and Ruby was ready to head home, she called her mother to pick her up, but there was no answer, no matter how many times she tried. Sensing something was wrong, she ran home as quickly as she could...and discovered her mother was murdered by an incubus. She managed to kill the demon, but it was too late for her mother. She lived with her friend until she was able to get her own place.

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