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YMMV / The Smurfs and the Magic Flute

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  • Narm: To some, some of the character's voices in the United States/United Kingdom English dub don't match well with the characters.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Among the actors who did the English dub were Michael Sorich as Hefty in his first role before he did the likes of Squat, Rei’s Grandfather, Gamabunta and Don Kanonji.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Lazy's deep voice (in the United Kingdom English dub) for starters and there's something about Mike Reynolds' voice for Papa (in the United States English dub) that's off
    • The same goes for the Dutch dub, in which Papa and Brainy have notably different voices from the Hanna-Barbara cartoon series due to the movie having a different voice cast.
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  • What an Idiot!: Both Johan and Peewit when they finally catch up with McCreep. Instead of surprising McCreep to take the flute away, both Peewit and Johan boisterously make their way to the thief, giving him plenty of time to take out the flute and using it against them. Likewise, neither of them thought about plugging their ears in advance as a protection, despite the fact that earlier in the movie both Johan and the King were able to protect themselves against the flute by doing so, so they should have known the flute is powerless if you can't hear it.
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