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YMMV / The Simpsons S1 E9 "Life on the Fast Lane"

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  • Franchise Original Sin: This is the first of many episodes that show that Marge would dump Homer and go with somebody else if either Homer didn't do something to remind her of their love, the fact she's already married with three kids wasn't a buzz-kill, she didn't take some time to think it over, or because the plot says that this can't happen, while Homer not only repeatedly shows that he doesn't love any other women but fights to keep her (in his own bumbling way) in the times he's had a need to do so (in one episode he even tries to commit suicide because he believes he hit her, even). In this episode it's pretty heartwarming, but after multiple seasons in which they have been this close to divorce on a constant basis because this time she's fed up with Homer for doing something stupid, it loses a lot of its power.

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