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YMMV / The Secrets Of Supervillainy

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  • Crazy Awesome: Gary at one point robs the Falconcrest City Stock Exchange, not too unlike certain other supervillains out there but he decides to do it by ramming a sixteenth century pirate ship into the building before revealing that his entire gang is now dressed in pirate attire and he has a fake Pirate Parrot on one shoulder. He claims to be doing this on Talk Like A Pirate Day just to drive the point home.
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  • Too Cool to Live: Niki Tesla a German American supervillainess whose parents fled to America during World War 2. Helped get a pirate ship to sail on land, invented some sort of mind control helmet, has a Doctor Octopus like tentacle rig attached to her back. Sadly she gets murdered offscreen while trying to protect Gary's sister and niece.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: Word of God said President Omega is not a stand-in for Donald Trump and was created before he became a serious political contender. He did say it was appropriate as a comparison, though. President Omega is notably a psychopathic Corrupt Corporate Executive with a bad toupee and a loathing for all superhumans who hides behind a quirky Snark Knight exterior.

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