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YMMV / The Sandman (2020)

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  • Improved Second Attempt: While the comic was always Fair for Its Day when it came to LGBTQ representation, it has faced a bit of criticism in subsequent decades for some Innocently Insensitive moments — particularly when it comes to trans and non-binary people. The audio drama has modernized and updated some of these aspects.
    • In the comics, Desire is referred to as an "it" on occasion. The Audible adaptation consistently uses "they/them" pronouns.
    • Aspects of "A Game of You" have since been considered unintentional transmisogyny, so in response:
      • Wanda's original storyline involves her being rejected for the Moon's road because the Moon doesn't consider her a real woman (or so Thessaly says) and dies because she's stuck in the building when a storm hits New York. In the adaptation, she stays behind because someone needs to protect an unconscious Barbie and she's physically the strongest of the cast. The transmisogyny that's left is clearly condemned by the narrative — and by Wanda, who is more assertive about her identity and uses more positively reaffirming language.
      • The part about Maisie Hill's trans grandchild running away and being found murdered is also omitted, probably to avoid the Bury Your Gays implications of a story where every trans person that is even mentioned ends up dying horribly.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Ray Porter, who does many voices in the Audible audiobook, including Wesley Dodds, Gilbert, and Hector Hall, would be heard the following year in Zack Snyder's Justice League as Darkseid.