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YMMV / The Red Lion

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These are YMMV items appearing in The Red Lion:

  • Moral Event Horizon: Played straight and subverted with Hans Burgner, depending on your interpretation. While the incarnation of Hans arguably falls beyond redemption as a result of his murder and theft of the elixir, his soul and subsequent incarnations do not. The theme of reincarnation could be said to turn this trope into a temporary phenomenon that only lasts for the remainder of one lifetime.
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  • Stoic Woobie: Heinz Knotek's mother, who uncomplainingly endures the daily tasks of looking after all her children and her hypocritical abusive Sinister Minister husband, never gets a moment's peace.
  • Tear Jerker: Francesco Borri cannot receive his mother's love, and hides his secret from her to protect her from having to share his burden.

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