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YMMV / The Punisher (Capcom)

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The Kunoichi Assassins, going by all of the (mostly Japanese) fan art of them.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Nick Fury teaming up with the Punisher, despite their different ideologies and obvious dislike for each other's respective philosophies. In a 1995 comic story, the Punisher shoots Nick Fury dead but that was revealed to be a ruse as that Fury was actually a Life Model Decoy.
    • One of Nick Fury's special moves involves him taking off his belt and beating the crap out of opponents with it, which brings to mind a certain scene from The Punisher MAX arc "Mother Russia."
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  • No Problem with Licensed Games: An excellent Beat 'em Up, with a variety of moves and weapons.


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