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YMMV / The Punisher (1989)

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  • Awesome Music: One must admit that the music used as the main theme for the Punisher is fitting in expressing the upcoming doom that awaits his victims, along with the ensuing chaos that follows.
  • Complete Monster: Lady Tanaka is the leader of the Yakuza and intends to muscle in on The Mafia's territory. To do this, Tanaka has the bosses' young children kidnapped with anyone who might interfere murdered, including a harmless babysitter. Tanaka promises to return the children, but her true intention is to sell them into child slavery. When Frank Castle is captured along with his friend, Tanaka has them tortured on a modern-day version of the rack. At the end, when the most powerful mob boss has teamed up with Frank to get the kids back, Tanaka holds a knife to the child's throat and orders his father to kill himself.
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  • Foe Yay: Lady Tanaka seemed to enjoy the Cold-Blooded Torture she was inflicting on Frank a little too much.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: A meta one, but the Main antagonist in the Italian Mafia, Gianni Franco is played by Jeroen Krabbé. He later appeared in The Fugitive, where he played Dr. Charles Nichols, the man who hired the One Armed Man to frame Richard Kimble, played by Harrison Ford. Both Ford and Dolph Lundgren later appear together The Expendables 3.
  • Narm: Frank and Gianni shoot up an entire room full of mooks, and a not single bullet hits the paper wall behind them.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: This film is often criticized for not having Frank wear the iconic skull on his chest.note 


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