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YMMV / The Poker House

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  • Moment of Awesome: Agnes setting a state basketball record, ESPECIALLY after everything that's happened to her.
  • Nightmare Fuel: As it turns out, a sex scene with Jennifer Lawrence is not necessarily a good thing...
  • Retroactive Recognition: Who knew that Katniss and Hit-Girl were sisters?
  • Stoic Woobie: Agnes. So, so much. When we first see her, she is putting on a tough face. When trying to do homework and being abused, she refuses to outright show emotion. Then when she runs her errands, she is outgoing, cheerful and likable. After being raped, she goes to a basketball game and sets a record. Only when she is back in her car does she cry. In fact, the only time she outright shows emotion in front of someone is... well, see Kick the Dog and Heroic BSoD.


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