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YMMV / The Phantom Stranger

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  • Complete Monster: Tala, the Queen of Darkness, is a hellish being who acts as the Phantom Stranger's Evil Counterpart by corrupting and ruining mortals, driving them to murder, mayhem and securing their deaths for her own amusement. Later trying to initiate nuclear war and seeing an underground civilization wiped out, Tala later uses the Dark Circle to attempt to conquer the world, summoning the Four Horsemen to completely exterminate it when that fails.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The New 52 "Trinity of Sin" version gives off very strong impressions of this, having almost no mystery to him and a defined origin.
    • On the other hand, giving him concrete motivations and goals makes him a more relatable character, one who can actually be the focus on a story with satisfying highs and lows.


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