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The comic strip

  • Ethnic Scrappy: Pygmy chief Guran in the early years of the comic.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The Phantom is pretty much the most popular costumed hero in the world... except in his home country of the US where he's sadly slipped into obscurity.
  • Memetic Mutation: Old jungle sayings...
  • Narm: "I forbid you to promote my brand."
  • Woolseyism: In Sweden, "The ghost who walks" is translated into "Den vandrande vålnaden," which literally means "The wandering wraith." Yes, they could have chosen to write "Det gående spöket," a completely literal translation, but any Swede would agree that they made the right decision.
    • In Finland, the "The Man Who Cannot Die" is instead changed to "The Man Who Never Dies" which sounds way better in Finnish.

1989-1990 comic

  • Complete Monster: In the short-lived DC Comics series from 1989-1990, by Mark Verheiden & Luke McDonnell, this darker take on the Phantom had quite few nasty villains:
    • Adix, from issue #3 ("Pirates"), is a modern day pirate who uses an armed ship to board civilian boats off the coast of Bangalla. Adix would kidnap the rich male and female passengers aboard these ships and would order his crew to kill everyone else on board. Adix would then take his hostages to his ship and keep them in his hold, where he would torture the male hostages for information and would rape the female hostages. In contrast with romanticized pirates, Adix is a repulsive psychopath with no code of honor.
    • Ansah, from issue #10 ("Blind"), is an enterprising criminal who learns of an African village struck by a disease that causes blindness. Ansah bribes a doctor who was taking care of this village to give him information on them and then he and his gang kidnap everyone in the village, including the women and the children. Ansah then enslaves the villagers, forcing them to work in a giant rice field. After the villagers gather enough rice for him to bring to market, Ansah plans to kill the villagers. After the Phantom thwarts that scheme, Ansah takes a villager hostage. After this cowardly act, Phantom asks Ansah what kind of man he is, Ansah justifies himself by saying the strong have the right to victimize the weak.
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    • Black marketeer Lancombe, from issue #11 ("Famine"), is a wealthy, corrupt resident of Khagana who helps to fund a civil war in the country. Making his money by stealing food supplies and international aid, Lancombe sells them to the highest bitter at the rebels, while knowing the country is undergoing a horrific famine that hits children the hardest and condemns thousands to a slow, wasting and agonizing death. Lancombe is shown to care not one bit about the suffering he inflicts, gleefully prolonging the famine to feed his own insatiable greed.

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